How can I give an order?

You can order online from stavrelis.gr, by using the phone number +302252041410, by visiting our store, which is  located in Polichnitos, Lesvos.

How to login into toagori.gr store ;

Go to the registration page by clicking on the 'register' at the top of the page. Declare your personal information. Required fields marked with orange word. After registration is complete you will receive a confirmation e-mail informing you to activate your account.

Why should I register at the store ?

The registration or account creation is necessary in any electronic shop (e-shop). During registration the user transfers in the system personal data such as name, surname, address, phone number, email, gender, that will be needed to complete the order. Upon completion of the registration, the client can do login to his account and make a purchase, or modify data.

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